Experience Rome in one Day!

You descend to the graves of ordinary Roman citizens and to the magnificent, colourful burial chambers of prominent Romans. The tour takes one hour. You are welcome every Monday to Sunday.

Looking for Cecilia

Take an exciting journey through an underground labyrinth! Go together in search of Saint Cecilia, who is buried in a secret place in this underground maze.

Circle of Life

The quest ‘Circle of life’ is a fascinating and unforgettable experience. Wandering through subterranean corridors you travel back in time, to the Rome of the third and fourth century.

Welcome to the Roman Catacombs Museum

Open every day between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm.
Due to corona, it is currently only possible to book the standard tour with a maximum group size of 12 people.

This can preferably be done by making an online reservation via this website. Museum card holders free entrance.

Keep an eye on the website and social media for current developments.

Experience the hidden Rome in a mystical underground labyrinth!

A visit to the Roman Catacombs Museum is an unforgettable experience. Wandering through the underground passages, the guide takes you back to a bygone era, to early Christian Rome from the third and fourth centuries. You descend to the graves of ordinary Roman citizens and to the magnificent tombs of prominent Romans. Holes have been carved into the marlstone to serve as horizontal graves, the so-called loculi. These alcoves used to be closed with a terracotta or marble plate. Affluent families often had their own burial chamber, a cubiculum, with richly decorated walls. The colorful paintings reveal inspiring stories, ancient rituals, and surprising scenes from everyday life.

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