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As long as mankind exists there are stories about miracles, things that cannot be explained by logic or common sense. Miracles were also known in Greek and Roman mythology, such as the story of Orpheus, who returned from the realm of the dead, or Zeus, who turned into a bull to seduce the beautiful Europe, the wide-eyed. Or Venus, who was born from the foam of the sea. 

Even in our time we still believe in miracles. Despite the progress of science, which has found all kinds of explanations for phenomena that used to be experienced as inexplicable. For example, there are still many people who believe in faith healing, laying on of hands and telepathy. Research shows that more than half of the Dutch believe that miracles exist. This ‘belief’ is less and less often associated with a specific culture and/or religion, and is regularly described as ‘spirituality’. One in four inhabitants of the Netherlands has experienced something for which no explanation could be found, whicht they say has had a positive influence on their lives. In our time there is also the world of film and virtual reality, in which the most unlikely events are simulated. The world of art and imagination.

Different cultures
Believing in miracles occurs in all times and all cultures. In various cultures we meet shamans, witch doctors, druids and prophets. Also in the Bible there are many miracles, but miracles are not only reserved for Judaism and Christianity. In the Roman catacombs there are many images of miracles, most of them based on the Bible. Guides will lead you along all kinds of beautiful frescoes, or murals that were made in a period from the second to about the eighth century.

Other Tour Guides

Closed for the Public

A popular and fascinating quest for the whole family or as a team outing! Using clues and tips, players have to answer a number of questions, solve riddles and carry out challenging tasks.

The Secrect of Water

This themed tour is an adventure you won't easily forget. You will travel through underground passages back in time, to the Rome of the third and fourth centuries, and you will make a subterranean journey along the secrets of water.

Experience Rome in One Day!

You descend to the graves of ordinary Roman citizens and to the magnificent, colourful burial chambers of prominent Romans. The richly decorated crypts - about 25 meters below the earth's surface - are overwhelmingly beautiful.

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