Circle of Life

A popular and fascinating quest for the whole family or as a team outing!

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Using clues and tips, players have to answer a number of questions, solve riddles and carry out challenging tasks. Each correct answer takes players deeper into the labyrinth, where they eventually have to find a hidden underground source of life – surrounded by beautiful frescoes. Are you up to the challenge?

Mastermind Version

Is Sherlock your middle name and do you know a lot about cultural history? Then choose the Mastermind version! An underground adventure where your brain is challenged on all fronts!

NEW: Light Version

Do you want to go for a fun challenge and the ultimate Indiana Jones feeling? Then choose the Light version! You don’t need prior cultural-historical knowledge, but you do need an adventurous spirit and perseverance!

Search for a Source of Life

The quest ‘Circle of life’ is a fascinating and unforgettable experience. Wandering through underground passages you travel back in time, to the Rome of the third and fourth century. Far away, hidden deep in the labyrinth, lies a hidden gem: an underground Roman baptistery filled with natural water; source of all life. Discovering this mystical place completes the ‘circle of life’. To find the route to this source of life you have to use all your senses. For example, there is a ‘scent station’ hidden in the corridors, which will introduce you to the scents of ancient Rome and gives you a hint. In addition, your brain is challenged with all sorts of riddles and questions, and you will receive an old map, which you may try to decipher…

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Closed to the Public

The 'Catacombe di Roma', or ancient underground catacombs in and near Rome. The only place in the world where you can still experience and admire these impressive crypts to the full is at the Roman Catacombs Museum in Valkenburg aan de Geul in the Netherlands.

Looking for Cecilia

Take an exciting journey through an underground labyrinth! Go together in search of Saint Cecilia, who is buried in a secret place in this underground maze.

Experience Rome in One Day!

You descend to the graves of ordinary Roman citizens and to the magnificent, colourful burial chambers of prominent Romans. The richly decorated crypts - about 25 meters below the earth's surface - are overwhelmingly beautiful.

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