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The themes ‘dark and light’ are as old as mankind. For centuries these symbols have been used in mythological and religious stories. They represent a new beginning, a clear insight, or represent ‘the end’, or the underworld. Either way, this symbolism guarantees many unforgettable and fascinating stories.

In the catacombs the contrast between dark and light plays a major role. We start in the open air to enter the dark catacombs. There we arm ourselves against the dark with lamps and flashlights. The images sometimes also depict contradictions between light and dark, both physically (colour contrasts) and figuratively (life and death, underworld and sky et cetera). 

Inspiring Journey
During the private tour ‘About dark and light’ a guide will guide you through our extensive system of corridors. You will see many beautiful and colorful frescoes. It’s an inspiring tour in which all aspects of ‘darkness and light’ are discussed: the symbolic stories, but also the use of light in architectural frescoes, making dark underground crypts suddenly seem to be bathed in daylight.

Other Tour Guides

Closed to the Public

The 'Catacombe di Roma', or ancient underground catacombs in and near Rome. The only place in the world where you can still experience and admire these impressive crypts to the full is at the Roman Catacombs Museum in Valkenburg aan de Geul in the Netherlands.

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Take an exciting journey through an underground labyrinth! Go together in search of Saint Cecilia, who is buried in a secret place in this underground maze.

Circle of Life

A popular and fascinating quest for the whole family or as a team outing! Using clues and tips, players have to answer a number of questions, solve riddles and carry out challenging tasks.

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